Sisi Pellets offers wood extraction. Logging is intended for the production of pallets, pellets, woodworking for the construction industry and for furniture production.

Logging, removal and ramping of wood

 Sisi Pellets offers felling, cutting into assortments according to BDS, transportation to temporary storage, ramping of harvested wood, loading, transportation to TIR station and reloading of wood. We also offer worldwide shipping services. 

Splitting timber

Sisi Pellets offers splitting of timber from various tree species with a daily capacity of 20-25m3 .

Drying of all types of wood

Sisi Pellets offers drying of wood particles - chips, shavings, sawdust and others, as well as drying and steaming of all types of wood, sub-form of logs, beams, details and others.

Packaging of split firewood

Sisi Pellets offers firewood packaging. It is carried out in nets (gatz type), specially produced for the needs of the customers. This packaging helps the subsequent drying of the wood in order to reach maximum calorific value during burning.

Production of pellets

Sisi Pellets предлага производство на най- висококачествени дървесни пелети клас А1 за горене от бял бор, бук и габър. Компанията е сертифицирана по стандартите FSC® – глобална организация с нестопанска цел, посветена в насърчаване на отговорно управление на гори по целия свят. Лицензионен номер: FSC-C173746.

Production of pallets

Sisi Pellets offers specialized pallets suitable for most industries - chemical, glass, textile, food and beverage, furniture, etc. We also offer non-standard pallets at the customer's request.


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